Friday, May 31, 2013

Dallas World Aquarium

Where's a better place to have an adventure than the Dallas World Aquarium? Nowhere. Why? Because they have a sloth. But not just any sloth, mind you. This one is allowed to roam free (even though it doesn't, duh), in its little mini habitat. Plus, animals are just cool. Right? Glad we agree. 

Majestic manatee

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Yes, ladies and gents, you read the title correctly. What's cooler than dinosaurs? I can think of some things on the same level, of course, but not much else brings out childhood memories and excitement quite like dinosaurs do. And where's the best place to see such magnificent creatures? Why, none other than Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas, of course. I might've stolen the idea from Victoria (you can see her photos here), but I can't say that I'm ashamed; it was a darn good idea. So Merritt and I embarked from good ole SA-town, headed straight north, ate some chocolate, nommed some Dairy Queen, got lost trying to find a Whataburger (the craving for one of their cheeseburgers was intense, y'all), and basically had a (slightly disappointing) blast. Here are some photos from the adventure!

Unfortunately, it seems like the most exciting part of the park were the life-size model dinosaurs, but hey, they're pretty awesome, right? It turns out it's harder to find the dinosaur tracks than we thought... We did find one, though! (By the end of the trip we were a little hot, hangry, and disgruntled, to say the least.) The park is definitely worth a visit, though, in my opinion, simply because you get to experience some great Texas country.

Beautiful, eh? However, we made an amateur mistake and didn't consult our Hitchhiker's Guide so we didn't have any towels to go swimming. Subsequently, we panicked. (Haha, literary humor. I have to throw it in there somewhere, don't I?)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hi, I'm "New" Here

Nothing really compares to revisiting your hometown through a tourist's eyes, even if it's only for a day. It's a chance to remind yourself (for me), "Hey, my city is actually pretty cool, I guess." I tend to forget about the awesome museums, the underwhelming tininess of the Alamo, and the overwhelming number of wide-brimmed cowboy hats lining the storefronts of downtown. These are a few shots from the museum Merritt and I explored and our 20-minute (literally) adventure downtown.   

The museum had (aside from its permanent exhibition) an awesome exhibit about festivals in Seville, Russia, and San Antonio (¡Fiesta!), complete with costumes and beautiful sketches.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


...not really (because I don't thinking walking down a flight of stairs into the cave counts), but I wish. Since my roommate was in town for a few days, the muggy summer days called for a trek into a place with a humidity of 99%. Logical, right? But hey, it was pretty awesome.