Saturday, February 23, 2013

Birthday Shenanigans

A lot of wonderful things happened on my birthday:
Being woken up at midnight by two dear friends wishing me happy birthday: my favorite thing!
Waking up to birthday surprises: my favorite thing!
Birthday care packages: my favorite thing!
A large cup of coffee: my favorite thing!
Rain, rain, more rain, and a dash of fog: my favorite thing!
Long drives: my favorite thing!
Exploring: my favorite thing!
Taking pictures: my favorite thing!
Cats: my favorite thing!
YoMo: my favorite thing!
Dinner with lovely friends: my favorite thing!
[So, basically, it was a good day.]

These are some photos from the drive I went on bright and early this morning (sorry, Merritt...) through Table Rock State Park. Incidentally, I ended up in Bumpkinville (which means I have no idea where it was or how I miraculously got back to campus), but I think the photos turned out rather nicely! (In my humble opinion...)